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What are people's thoughts/opinions on Bellingcat? Just heard of it for the first time today

Thanks everyone for the replies. VPS seems to be the way to go. I got a recommendation also for OVH so will check these out before my next bill!

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Anyone who's how do you pay for server costs?? I don't have internet in my house and rely on phone hotspot, so I used AWS to host Mastodon, matrix, a few other services even though I hate Jeff Bezos with a passion it felt like the only option... Boost so I can get an answer please!! This is too expensive to justify!

My wrapped for 2020!

I have too, does anyone know an equivalent that does year in review or similar based on that data?

The online fashion brand giving a 99% sale and selling clothes for pennies really highlights how disgusting the entire industry is, and consumerism as a whole...

Thinking about making a simple website to discover/rate/review in my local city. Not sure what features would be useful though so let me know if there's anything you'd like to see in something like that

Who else is gonna be tuning in to the / launch??

Delighted that my first real contribution got merged! Just a super simple PR for the @Tusky app. Might try tackle an open issue or two in the repo if I've time in the next few weeks

New post up on my blog:

I'm going to improve on this t-shirt pattern once more and then attempt to replace all my current t-shirts with homemade ones!

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Is there a way to follow people from @Tusky? I can't seem to find it anywhere without going to browser

Today I'm starting on the continuation of an anniversary present which I started last year of a book with recipes we've made together/for each other and pictures we've taken. Cutting it a little close as there could be a long delivery time!

Put a new post up on my @write_as blog! Can anyone link me to something to explain how federation works with it? I haven't been able to link my Mastodon account and my WriteFreely in any fashion...

Put a new post up on my @write_as blog! Check it out at

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What are your major sources of daily updates? (Hackernews, blogs...)

Also was looking around at bulk film for

Kodak Vision3 can be processed as C41 film at home and it seems to be the only colour film stock I've seen available in bulk... Mightn't be worth getting a bulk film set up as I don't shoot a huge amount of B&W. Vision3 also looks insanely cool, it'd be great to even get a single roll some time to try out

Haven't forgotten about at all. Took some fabric from a botched previous project and made my first mask today! It is a tight woven cotton that was quite stretchy which took a lot of getting used to. Found some great advice on a sewing related chat room that should really help next time I use this fabric.

Starting to think my machine mightn't be capable of sewing denim though which would be really unfortunate!

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last night I got the idea to make an sound/music-only podcast, long sounds, short sounds, snippets, works in progress...
and I have a feeling it's not an original idea. I've never looked into podcasts at all.
Are there any such podcasts that already exist?
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Is there a way to donate money to people without immediately having to give away your full legal name (or worse) every time?

I don't often have much to spare, but when I want to help out someone I'd like to be able to do so without practically doxxing myself.

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