Instead of doing New Years' Resolutions, my partner and I have accidentally fallen into doing month long achievable goals. January was going fully vegan, February was not getting any takeaways and March is going to be reading for at least 30 mins per day. I feel it's a much more fun and practical way to approach resolutions and am feeling great for it so far :)

I am dying for a takeaway next week though!!

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Made a small package for and integration! My main issue with other ones I had seen were that they wouldn't let me interact with playlists in any fashion, so I made one that lets you add to a "monthly" playlist with the click of a button in your polybar. More to come, but happy to have made a start on something!

Feedback appreciated :)

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Took some more and developed them! This was a super expired roll from 2006 from an Irish company called Spectra. I think the processing might have gone a bit haywire as there was far more grain than I expected. Here's some anyways!

@badtuple Check I found it much better when I used to go on arxiv regularly!

Looks like there's a self host option, not sure why the website is down at the minute!

Getting unreasonably excited over Ikea solutions... Anyone done anything with this? There's bulbs, motion sensors and plugs and looking for inspiration to justify it now!

@kev personally I'm a fan of one verbose article as opposed to multi part blog posts!

The highlight of my day these days is an evening shower as hot as I can make it until there's so much steam I struggle to breathe

I'd love to see more serendipitous toots on my feed but as I'm self hosting I don't know how I can... I know there's big instances but they feel kind of closed off? Is there any way to get more content without going through the difficult task of manually searching out people with Mastodon accounts and following them?

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So the first couple of days of Simple.css have been pretty successful. 😊

geography experiment 

@romainelaprophetesse sure :)

South Africa
Ivory Coast

Why are companies allowed to disguise who they are to disguise themselves to people? Companies should be forced to trade under their registered names. It's incredibly annoying having to be some sort of sleuth to figure out if you're supporting a local business or an international corporation when you shop...

Something that perpetually annoys me is living wage vs minimum wage.

Why is it allowed to pay people less than they need to live??

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brb rebranding the philosophy of foss as "socialist software"

it's like foss except if you're a weird right wing techbro you're not allowed :dragnuwu:

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google, show me the best jobs for people who hate capitalism

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