I've got four things in my mind that I'm considering next. Any input appreciated, details in thread!

So thanks for everyone for voting :D

I decided to start on the 0 votes browser plugin as soon as I thought I could get it wrapped up in a week or so but unforseen Paddy's Day threw me off completely and it's still very much work in progress!

I'm gonna finish it up in some rudimentary enough way that will allow people to run it and get the data and maybe someone who knows how to visualize data nicely can help throw something nice looking graphs into it, but I'm super excited to start on.... 1/2

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... the quiz site! I'm going to be building it in and as I'll have the mix of what I know (Python) and something new (React). It's going to be the long overdue update to my front end experience which to date has only consisted of plain Javascript and jQuery.... Any advice, tools or resources people know of please throw them my way as I'm going to be needing all of them! 2/2

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