I've got four things in my mind that I'm considering next. Any input appreciated, details in thread!

1: Browser Plugin

I saw a friend made a simple browser plugin that would set a Google Meeting title to the active speaker's name. I'd like to extend that a little to give you some stats when the meeting ends like what percentage of time each person talked, number of forward back exchanges between people, whose mic is loudest while other people talk, any other potentially interesting things. Chrome/Firefox plugin, I have some experience of making plugins in the past.

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2: Quiz Site

Quizzes with friends can be fun. Compiling questions constantly and figuring out ways to keep track of scores etc etc are less fun. I'd like to make a self-hosted application that would let people make + save questions, rounds of questions, whole quizzes, have automatic scoring of answers, etc etc.

3: Todo App

Again, a self hosted application but this time for more personal use than external use. I don't like any existing todo list apps. They don't give you good reminders, they don't give you nice metrics, they don't let you easily make recurring items/timeboxed items, I've a laundry list of issues with them. This would be an attempt to fix some of those issues and bringing some privacy back to a routine and not putting your daily tasks to Microsoft (todoist) or Google (keep)

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4: Drinks Ranker

Having gotten more into wine in the past few months, I'd like to have a drinks ranker/logger where I could take pictures of labels, add tags like region, grape type, etc etc and a score of how much I liked it with the idea of being able to go into a shop and easily pick out a drink I have a higher chance of liking than random chance! Would also apply to other styles of drinks too, and again, a self hosted style application

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@conor Oh please do! If we could do that and have a sensible MLS that's not as big as Moodle and deals in files for courses, a directory structure of Markdown or Org-mode or just HTML or plain text instead of a sprawling Database and PHP and all that mess, man I'd be happy! Just to be able to put courses under version control, quick edits through a text editor... No bloat, good, clean web clients but also managable through config files... Oh it'd be perfect!

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