I'd love to see more serendipitous toots on my feed but as I'm self hosting I don't know how I can... I know there's big instances but they feel kind of closed off? Is there any way to get more content without going through the difficult task of manually searching out people with Mastodon accounts and following them?

@conor One technique we are using at as an admin, is to follow the admins of all key tech instances to ensure that we are federating with them... and that has the added benefit of helping my personal feed.

@tchambers @conor Tim... I'm still very much thinking about finding myself a next Mastodon instance. I'm still on my starter instance.

Your sounds like it could be a good home for me.

@fortifieduniverse @conor -- you would be very welcome! We're new and growing and have the focus #indieweb, #humaneTech #fediverse and distributed social things writ large...

@tchambers @conor I know. I've been watching stuff over there for a while.

I've got a wide range of interests, but I don't think I'll find a specific community that encompasses it all. At my core, I'm a #foss #indieweb guy from way, way back... so it feels like I good home base.

I'll start planning on heading over that way in the next few days.

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