Anyone got any recommendations for a mini PC style home server? I'm looking for something in the 450 - 600 euro range just for self hosting services (mastodon, matrix, a small website, etc) from my home? Boosts welcome (and appreciated!)

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Hello FediFollows followers!

Do you use the FediFollows directory to find new accounts to follow?

(The latest directory is at )


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I still don't know what the most recent situation is with RMS and at this point I'm afraid to ask

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A friend of mine wants to get a new smartphone, there are two main criteria: 1. replaceable battery 2. should run lineageOS, are there any phones anybody can recommend for this? any experience with them? anything could help.

... the quiz site! I'm going to be building it in and as I'll have the mix of what I know (Python) and something new (React). It's going to be the long overdue update to my front end experience which to date has only consisted of plain Javascript and jQuery.... Any advice, tools or resources people know of please throw them my way as I'm going to be needing all of them! 2/2

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So thanks for everyone for voting :D

I decided to start on the 0 votes browser plugin as soon as I thought I could get it wrapped up in a week or so but unforseen Paddy's Day threw me off completely and it's still very much work in progress!

I'm gonna finish it up in some rudimentary enough way that will allow people to run it and get the data and maybe someone who knows how to visualize data nicely can help throw something nice looking graphs into it, but I'm super excited to start on.... 1/2

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Finally got my Ikea/Lidl smart home bits set up with ! Now configuring it all to let me have full RGB control from the UI instead of just having fancy dimmers.

Then time to test some automations/scripts I guess!

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#FlashFictionFriday Should this be a thing? Let's have a go :D

Use one (or all) of the following prompts to write a small poem, short piece of fiction (~300 words), short compositional piece, or quick artwork.

* This turned out to be untrue
* An assortment of terrors
* Extinction of shadows

Have fun! :D :frida_y_animalitos:

4: Drinks Ranker

Having gotten more into wine in the past few months, I'd like to have a drinks ranker/logger where I could take pictures of labels, add tags like region, grape type, etc etc and a score of how much I liked it with the idea of being able to go into a shop and easily pick out a drink I have a higher chance of liking than random chance! Would also apply to other styles of drinks too, and again, a self hosted style application

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3: Todo App

Again, a self hosted application but this time for more personal use than external use. I don't like any existing todo list apps. They don't give you good reminders, they don't give you nice metrics, they don't let you easily make recurring items/timeboxed items, I've a laundry list of issues with them. This would be an attempt to fix some of those issues and bringing some privacy back to a routine and not putting your daily tasks to Microsoft (todoist) or Google (keep)

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2: Quiz Site

Quizzes with friends can be fun. Compiling questions constantly and figuring out ways to keep track of scores etc etc are less fun. I'd like to make a self-hosted application that would let people make + save questions, rounds of questions, whole quizzes, have automatic scoring of answers, etc etc.

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1: Browser Plugin

I saw a friend made a simple browser plugin that would set a Google Meeting title to the active speaker's name. I'd like to extend that a little to give you some stats when the meeting ends like what percentage of time each person talked, number of forward back exchanges between people, whose mic is loudest while other people talk, any other potentially interesting things. Chrome/Firefox plugin, I have some experience of making plugins in the past.

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I've got four things in my mind that I'm considering next. Any input appreciated, details in thread!

As lockdown is continuing on in quizzes on video calls may be making a reappearance in my life...

"Released" Spotibar ( which is just a simple plugin that lets you heart tracks on, add tracks to monthly playlists easily and a few other features. I say "released" as I think there's a lot I could fix/improve with it but realistically I don't forsee myself adding anything to it for the next while so just made some Reddit posts about it earlier on today.

Finished One Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse which I've wanted to read for genuine years. It was tough for sections but some really insightful and rewarding ideas in it, especially for people interested in the I feel.

Very annoyingly the smart home gateway and light bulbs I got from Ikea require a special dimmer/remote control in order to pair them so I can use them with but apparently there's a way of pairing without the remotes... Shouldn't be this hard regardless

So in my newest woes - For some reason when I am on my wifi, I can't browse to a domain name that points back to my own IP. I feel my lack of understanding of networking fundamentals is coming around to bite me yet again

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today is March 1, 2021

yesterday was February 28, 2021

one year ago today was:

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